Are you sure you have oily hair?

Let's find out together how to figure it out

Often when we talk about oily hair, we are actually referring to conditions that affect our scalp, such as hyperhidrosis e seborrhea.

L'hyperhidrosis originates from the sweat glands in our epidermis and scalp. They release water, mineral salts, lactic acid and waste substances from our metabolism.

The seborrhea is the excessive production of sebum from our sebaceous glands, given by excessive production of hormonal substances.

The enzyme 5 alpha reductase type 1 is found at the level of the sebaceous gland present in the follicle, and its overstimulation leads to increased sebum production.

The excessive presence of sebum leads to rancidity of oily substances causing bad odor and bacterial overgrowth, unbalancing the skin microbiota.

What causes these two conditions?

As mentioned above, the causes may be hormonal. The hyperactivity of enzymes 5 alpha reductase causes the concentration of dihydrotestosterone to be high, causing excessive sebum production.

External factors such as stress, pollution and the use of overly aggressive products are not to be outdone and can lead to the onset of these uncomfortable conditions.

Let's dispel the myth

Frequent washings do not influence the onset or increase of hyperhidrosis and seborrhea; instead, it is important to use gentle products, especially in these cases,maintaining the correct drying heat.

Which products are most suitable?

Definitely those that contain mild surfactants of plant origin. Surfactants are really responsible for washing the hair.

Napura has created the Treatsystemethod, a method of Treats for skin and lengths to combat the most frequent skin imperfections.

What makes Napura Treats so effective? Definitely the formulas based on rich and valuable synergies of essential Oils and active ingredients of natural origin, combined with gentle SLS & SLES free Surfactants that wash gently giving a long lasting clean feeling.

The delivery system of Napura Twist Open shampoos also allows the product to penetrate the skin for maximum cosmetic and aesthetic performance.

In fact, it is essential to care for the beauty of the hair starting from the scalp, we have talked about this HERE.

We recommend S|3 Cleans to counteract skin with hyperhidrosis and seborrhea, and T|3 Energy in case hair loss occurs in addition to these imperfections.

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