Do you know the importance of direct dispensing of shampoo into the skin?

Let's find out together how Napura differs from all other shampoos on the market

The life of the hair, and therefore its health, starts right from the scalp: if it is healthy, so will the lengths.

That is why it is precisely from the scalp that the action of the shampoo must begin.

Napura's special formula is very liquid, to allow the product to penetrate directly into the skin, avoiding waste and acting more effectively.

Thanks to this application and the short application time of the product on the scalp (1-2 minutes is enough), the natural substances, active ingredients and Essential Oils act on the skin with a enhanced effect compared to a classic shampoo.

But how to achieve this amazing effect?

The secret lies precisely in the special cap that Napura has provided for its shampoos: the TWIST OPEN cap, which allows direct delivery into the skin implementing the effect of the active ingredients in the formula.



Simply apply the shampoo to the scalp before washing and give a short massage. The effect will be ambivalent: the skin will be cleaner and the hair will absorb the qualities of the active ingredients.


What are you waiting for? Choose Napura and discover the benefit of the Twist Open cap.


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