How to prolong your tan

How tanning happens?

In summer, it is now everyone's desire to tan and maintain a beautiful golden complexion for as long as possible. To succeed in this feat, we must first thank the melanin, a pigment present in our skin that regulates its color. 

E' good to know that each skin type differs in melanin production, and consequently also in what are the best methods to best protect it and keep the tan longer. 

To understand what your skin type might be, check out our Post Blog on the Phototypes.

Certainly, in addition to a due thanks to melanin, we need to pay close attention to how we treat our skin. If we do not treat it properly, we will lose the complexion we acquired in the summertime much faster, as the superficial layers of the epidermis renew themselves cyclically, causing us to lose our tan. 

What to do to get the best tan?

The first tip is always to tan gradually. This applies to all skin types, although those in the top three phototypes need to pay more attention.  

How to do this. By starting the first few days in the sun with a high SPF, to avoid peeling due to sunburn, and get a healthy, long-lasting tan. 

A light scrub done in the last days of sun exposure will prolong the duration of the complexion.  

Does this remove the tan? No, on the contrary, exfoliation promotes cellular renewal. It is always good to combine all these tricks with a good dose of hydration, which always benefits our skin. 

And what to do instead to maintain a tan.?

In fact, moisturizing our skin not only keeps us from "peeling" and therefore blotchiness, but also protects the much-desired complexion because it helps us keep the hydrolipidic film intact. 

We can also help ourselves with the right diet, favoring foods rich in beta-carotene, such as orange or yellow fruits or vegetables, or dark leafy greens. 

Little trick: It is best to wash with cold water, as hot water dries out the skin. Choosing oily, moisturizing products, generally low in foam, will help us nourish and keep our skin hydrated! 

Last but not least tip: pamper ourselves with an After-Sun, which will emphasize and prolong the effect of the tan. 

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