Delicate surfactants

What are surfactants and why are they so important? 

Surfactants are the ones responsible for washing when it comes to hair products such as shampoos. Their main task is to remove impurities from the hair.

They are crucial, as they attach themselves to the dirt particles, dragging them away with them during washing. 

In fact, they are used not only in cosmetics, but also within products for cleaning or sanitizing environments, as well as in pharmaceuticals. 

Types of surfactants 

They can be of natural origin or they can be produced by chemical synthesis. 

Surfactants of natural origin are extracted from Wheat, Coconut Oil and other fat-rich vegetables and are extremely mild, called precisely SLS & SLES free. 

Surfactants of plant origin SLS & SLES free, leave an extraordinary feeling of lightness and cleanliness on the hair and scalp, as well as safeguarding the natural ph of the skin, which derives immediate protection and benefit. In addition, they are able to remove dirt from the hair without affecting its outer surface and preserving its properties. This is the key feature compared to shampoos that contain harsh surfactants.

And what does the acronym SLS & SLES free mean? 

SLS (Sodium Laurylether Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) are two acronyms for non-natural surfactants. 

They have strong foaming power and are often found in common shampoos. 

Traces of these surfactants can remain on the hair even several hours after washing, making it immediately weighed down and dirty. 

Our choiceSLS & SLES free 

Napura has always chosen ultra mild, naturally-derived and SLS & SLES free surfactants that can perfectly wash your hair while pampering your scalp and preserving its hydrolipidic balance and the hair's keratin layer. 

You won't have to worry about the amount of foam produced by the shampoo, which is often mistakenly associated with the concept of washing power and clean hair. Instead, you now know that most likely a shampoo that produces a lot of foam contains chemical surfactants inside it. 

Watch Mirko's video, Formulator Chemist Production Manager at Procosmet, to learn more. You can find him here.

With Napura Treatments the clean effect on your hair will be longer lasting and you will experience a fantastic feeling of lightness, safeguarding the health of your scalp and the natural beauty and shine of your hair! 

Start your Hair Care Routine today and discover all the Napura Treatments.

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