Did you know that red is the trend color this fall?

Let's find out why

Bold, sensual, chick, romantic: you can't miss a touch of red to your look! Always a symbol of energy, love and vitality, it is the most beloved color when it comes to fashion. Then again, how can you not be captivated by the intensity of a beautiful bright red?

It has always been a symbol of luxury and beauty, ever since Kings and Queens wore it to stand out from the people.


And in fall 2023, names like Dolce&Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Ferragamo and Benetton have decided to make it the star.

Many celebrities have also decided to sport red, wearing it on their outfits but also on their hair: from brick red, burnt earth red, to orange, auburn or deeper red shades.

Shades of red, brick and burgundy are always the undisputed protagonists of autumn, but this year the star is deep red, a flame that burns and stands out in the crowd.

Red like fire, the fashion that never goes out of style

We decided to celebrate the color of the fall/winter 2023 season with the brand new Red Fire Colorpigment Napura, our Fire Red semi-permanent, direct-colored conditioning mask.

We are sure it will spark in you and you will love it.

What is direct coloring?

Direct coloring is a temporary treatment that creates highlights on the hair and revives the base tone. It fades wash after wash.

In direct coloring, ionic pigments are deposited only in the outermost part of the hair and do not penetrate the cortex, so they do not change or lighten the hair's natural coloring.

Red Fire respects your hair because it contains no ammonia, leaves it soft and light while nourishing it; for a vibrant and trendy color, without neglecting the health of your hair. Let's discover together some active ingredients:

Limnanthes Alba Oil contained in the formula, has sustaining, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties;

● Hydrolyzed Rice Protein. have antistatic and nourishing properties, for radiant, supple and revitalized hair.

What are you waiting for? Buy Red Fire and wear this fall's most fashionable color!

Discover the entire line Colorpigment Napura, for ultra-soft hair with sensual and trendy highlights!


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