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It's always like that: those who have blond hair would like it brown, those who have brown hair would like it blond or black, those who have curly hair would like it straight, and vice versa...Our style characterizes and represents us, and there is no better base from which to start than the color of our hair.

Why? Because they are the frame of our face, their color can turn us off or enhance us. When we want to "refresh" our look, we always change our hair color, but before doing so, we recommend that you learn about this season's trends, and the fantastic hair colors of Inoilnuance by Napura, so you can always stay in step with fashion!

Inoilnuance is an ammonia-free, oil-based color line. It dyes the hair without ruining it and offers full color. It is also suitable for delicate skin. The blend of Plant Oils allows deep absorption of the color into the hair structure and makes the hair radiant and soft.

Fall/Winter 2023/2024 season: red dominates but is not the only one

For the more daring the red is always synonymous with uniqueness, vivacity and passion. This fall the trend will be bright red, ruby, through to burgundy or coppery shades. In its infinite shades, this gorgeous color not only blends perfectly with the colors of autumn, but also matches many complexion types, so...don't be afraid to be daring!

Among the shades we recommend, the 4.65 - Dark Red Mahogany Brown.

For those who love natural looks but want to liven up their hair, another trend this fall embraces warm shades, colorful highlights caramel and chocolate, sometimes auburn. If you love to follow the trend and are getting enraptured by the beauty of warm auburn highlights, we recommend Inoilnuance 7.43 - Golden Copper Blonde.

Staying with the theme. brown, the brown, natural but at the same time elegant and deep, remains an insurmountable classic. It too boasts endless shades, approaching blond, passing through warm or cool undertones, all the way to black: sensual, fascinating, intense color.

Let yourself be captured by the elegant depth of these shades, try Inoilnuance 2.10 - Blue Black Nuancea Black with cool undertones that emphasizes the shine of your hair and frames your features, making them more intense.

Do you love cool shades but not dark colors? The fashion for this year's Fall/Winter Season is tinged with ice and favors light colors ranging from ash blond to platinum, matching cold winter shades.

You can't fail to try the very special Inoilnuance 121 - Ash Irisée.

What about you, are you following the trends this Fall/Winter?

Discover all the Inoilnuance colorations and the Inoilnuance world, to find out how to best use its products.

Pamper your hair with Inoilnuance.

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