How to navigate the world of Napura letters.

Let's find out what Treatsystemethod is with our team

More than two decades of cosmetic experience lead Napura to create the Treatsystemethod, a method trichological innovative to combat the most frequent scalp imperfections, such as dry or oily skin, dandruff, thin or thinning hair.

Enter the Napura world and discover treatments for skin and lengths:


The meaning of the letters featured in our treatment method

Not familiar with Napura and need guidance in making the best choice of our products?

Today we try to give you some advice on how to correctly interpret the letters you see on Napura's Treastsystemethod bottles.

The lines are numerous, so it is important to understand well what each letter means.

T| stands for Vial Treatment, dedicated to the skin

S| stands for Shampoo, with several lines dedicated to both skin and lengths

C| stands for Conditioner or Mask, for pampering the lengths of the hair

Z| stands for Localized Zone Treatment, acting on the hair bulb in the skin, in areas particularly affected by blemish and requiring intensive treatments

M| stands for Microproteins, in spray form

To learn more, see HERE the introductory video by Mirko, Procosmet's Production Manager Formulator Chemist.

Please feel free to contact us, comment on the video on Instagram if you have any questions or clarifications.

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Stay tuned to discover many secrets coming up in the Napura world!

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