Does the sun age us?

Is it possible to maintain young skin by exposing ourselves to the sun? 

UV rays, which are responsible for our tan, can also be the enemy of our skin if we do not properly care for and protect it.  

In fact, the sun is, along with smoking, the main factor in the premature appearance of wrinkles on our face. 

This effect is given by the loss of elastic tone, which is why moisturizing and protecting our skin from UV rays with a proper SPF is very important for our well-being (not only that of our skin!). 

Prolonged exposure to the sun and its UV rays, generates free radicals responsible for the aging of our cells. This has an impact not only on aesthetics but also on our health, promoting the onset of serious diseases such as keratoses, cataracts and melanomas. 

Are young people immune to the effects of UV radiation? 

Although photo-aging, that is, photo-aging due to excessive exposure to sunlight, can be visible in a severe form after age 60, the first signs can be seen as early as age 25 to 45.  

The appearance of premature wrinkles is never pleasant, which is why prevention is always better than cure, but how do you prevent photo-aging? Definitely by following a healthy diet and taking care of your skin. 

In fact, the factors that influence the appearance of wrinkles are many and range from lifestyle, to the care we have of our face, to the type of skin we have. 


What type of skin ages first? 

Certainly in this case the much fought-over oily skin gets the better of the dry skin. In fact, it is the latter, which is often thinner and poorly plumped, that ages earlier due to poor hydration. 

It is useful, to give it tone, to use moisturizing creams, stimulate circulation with proper massages and follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. 


What is the solution to adopt? 

Certainly the most important thing is to take care of yourself and your skin, keeping it moisturized and protecting yourself with appropriate sun protection, and this applies to everyone skin types. 

Contrary to what you may think, protection should be applied, at least on the face, all year round! In fact, UV rays penetrate the epidermis even when the weather is cloudy and even if you wear make-up. 

The best anti-aging ally is precisely the right routine that preserves our youthfulness by preventing the sun from digging into our face creating unwanted wrinkles, but also from giving us serious damage to our health!


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