How to sunbathe in the right way?

Secrets to the perfect tan and steps to follow

In recent years, taking care of our skin has undoubtedly become one of our priorities. In our country, the sale of sunscreens in 2022 grew by 21.1 percent according to data from Cosmetica Italia. 

We care more and more about the health of our skin, as well as its appearance, which we want to be younger and healthier. The data speak: in the last 10 years, dermatology visits have grown by 40 percent (Human Highway research). 

A beautiful complexion with warm tones is everyone's wish, but it is too easy now to risk getting burned if proper precautions are not taken, not to mention that too much exposure to the sun ages the skin prematurely. 

The solution lies in the proper use of sunscreens, and why not, the magic combo of tan activators, protection and after-sun, to moisturize the skin preserve the complexion longer.

How to get the perfect tan on perfect skin? 

Tanning occurs through exposure to UV rays, which act on melanin (learn more in our blog post on the topic 

But it is important to follow some basic steps for a perfect tan: Healthy, beautiful and long-lasting. 

  • First, you can choose some activators that prepare the skin for sun exposure and activate melanin production, possibly non-greasy and anti-aging. We recommend the following. Melanin Plus by Napura, a melanin activator, DN4D Tan 365 Days by MTJ SUN, anti-aging and moisturizing, and Q10 Tanning by Napura, a facial tanner that is also anti-aging. 
  • Essential then is the sunscreen, more or less intense depending on the SPF (Sun Protecting Factor). It is always best to use an SPF 50+, and repeat the application during a long exposure to the sun, so you will have a gradual tan, which will undoubtedly be longer lasting, as well as healthy, even and without risk of unpleasant sunburn. This year we recommend Napura sunscreens. CORAL FRIENDLY: Extreme Tan SPF 10, which is non-greasy and accelerates the tan; and Dream Cream, SPF 30 and 50+, which, thanks to its plant oils, makes the skin supple and moisturized. Plus, the Coral Friendly filters are friends of the oceans and the marine ecosystem. 

  • Finally, very important is the after-sun, which moisturizes and soothes as well as makes the complexion even. Our Divine Pleasure by Napura, indicated for the face, softens and soothes irritation in delicate areas. Also, Super Sinergy by Napura, another great novelty of summer 2023 specifically for sunburns and severe sunburns on the body, gives immediate relief and well-being, thanks to the powerful Synergy of 7 Essential Oils of which it is composed. 



Learn more about them with Sara, Procosmet's Cosmetologist:

Discover Divine Pleasure

Discover Super Sinergy

Read here to choose the best after-sun for you: 

How do you prefer to tan? Choose the products that are best for you.



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