Laying essential oil: uses and properties

Laurel essential oil:

Properties and uses in cosmetics and herbal medicine

In this deepening on essential oils we will know a plant associated with victory, size and celebration: laurel.
We will discover the numerous uses of its essential oil by focusing in particular on its effects in counteracting hair loss.


Laurel, or Laurus Nobilis, is an evergreen plant typical of the Mediterranean basin, which prefers coastal areas. Usually you can see it in the form of a shrub but if left to grow can reach up to 10 meters high, the size of a real tree.

In myth The laurel is associated with Apollo, divinity of the sun and reason: His leaves crowned the heads of essays, heroes and poets. This celebratory use has remained in vogue up to the present day: the term graduate in fact derives from Latin Laurus And it means "covered with laurel", with reference to the typical crowns that adorn the heads of the newly-made.

The essential oil

In addition to the culinary and celebratory use, the laurel is used to extract a essential oil with numerous beneficial properties.

It is used in herbal medicine as an antiseptic and anti -infectious: It is in fact capable of contrasting the most common bacteria, viruses and mushrooms, facilitating the healing of mycosis and diseases of the respiratory system.

It is also used for compresses and massages by virtue of his Anti -umatic propertiesIt also has a digestive and relaxing function on the intestine if taken orally.

On the skin laurel essential oil performs a function toning and rebalancing: It is used to mitigate acne and dermatitis and to regulate sebum production.

In aromatherapy it has an anxiolytic effect, useful for recovering concentration in situations of stress and fear. Ideal for overcoming performance anxiety before an important exam or event.

The effect on the hair

As we said, laurel essential oil has a strong rebalancing power over the skin, capable of normalizing skin secretions. Moreover, If fried on the scalp, it is able to reactivate microcirculation favoring oxygenation and nourishment of the hair.

These two combined effects make it a powerful ally in counteract hair loss, which thanks to its action are strengthened significantly.

Lines 2 and 3 Napura Energy

Laurel essential oil is one of the active ingredients in lines 2 and 3 Energy adjuvanti anti -anti napura where it is expertly combined with citrus fruits and other plants for greater effectiveness.

In S2 Energy shampooHe works in synergy with lemon and 7 other essential oils for an intense reinforcing and toning action of the hair bulbs.

In the T2 Energy Post treatment Instead he acts together with Bergamotto and another 16 essential oils, nourishing the roots to restore energy to the hair and contrast their fall.

Laurel essential oil is also found in treatments T3 Energy Post and Z3 Energy Zone, specifically designed for cases where the fall is associated with fatty skin and excess of sebum. In this line the laurel is combined with lemon and sage to regulate secretions, thus improving the conditions of nourishment and oxygenation of the hair.

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