Positive Love


How brands make themselves love

#Postetivelove, a new definition of love

Today we want to deepen a concept full of expectations in which we finally want a 

There is a desire to return to normal, but one better and perfected normalitycompared to the previous one, especially in purchasing logic. It is slowly going from the ego, my lifestyle, my health, to us, with an ever greater one attention to the environment and to the climatic crisis, to the social impact of purchases, up to international conflicts.

So how does a brand be loved?

Consumers are increasingly looking for personalized services, who respond to their specific needs and love to create a loyalty emotional relationship with their favorite brand. They are looking for in the brand communication messages related to the concepts of passion, joy, positive impact On the environment, attention to social causes, sustainability. Seek inspiration, products that are able to generate physical and mental well -being, harmony with nature, balance with oneself: Cosmetic becomes a relationship product, represents our identity, a space and a time dedicated to ourselves, to give us a cuddle of pleasure.

Today after the pandemic, a concept of beauty routine and slower, more experiential and sensory shopping experience is being rediscovered. You want to start taking care of ourselves again to learn to be well internally and in the midst of others. A good cosmetic able to make us feel good above all inside, to satisfy us, calm us down, offer us a moment of relaxation, also returns a good image of ourselves outside.

And do you feel loved by our brand?

Take care of your beauty and make a sustainable gesture with the new TreatSystemethod recharges of Napura. For a happier planet!

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