The secret of essential oils in the blue vial

The blue vial:

April 2001: Procosmet deposits the patent of the blue vial, the first bottle to keep the treatments of the Treatsystemethod of Napura.

Over 20 years have passed and today as then one of the strengths of our company remains the blue vial. In this deepening we will know the blue glass of the alert designed, designed, patented and created to preserve and keep intact the performance of the precious oils essentials preserved in it, given the high economic value related to their purity.

The blue glass

Essential oils are very volatile, that is, they evaporate if exposed to the air or to light. That's why it is important to protect them with specific precautions, especially if in pure form.
The blue glass, derived from cobalt, in fact, guarantees the highest degree of light inhibition Compared to all other types of glass (transparent, green and amber) and protects photosensitive substances such as essential oils and other more delicate ingredients.

Since the past, great civilizations have attributed special powers to blue glass objects and containers.
The cobalt blue glass was used to create jewels and other decorative objects as it was thought that it had magical powers, such as removing evil spirits or bringing luck. In other cultures it was believed that he had healing powers, if jewels or other cobalt blue glass objects were worn.

The light transmittance spectrum visible through transparent and blue glass has a fall of almost all frequencies with blue glass: much of the light radiation does not penetrate the container. In cobalt blue glass containers, the range of blue light activates continuously and gives energy to the structure of organic molecules. Compared to the amber transluchid, green and transparent glass, the blue glass guarantees maximum protection From photosensitive substances, reduced processes of degradation of content, helping to preserve the quality of the ingredients, reducing to the minimum or completely canceling the biological activity of the same. The blue glass is also an excellent insulator. It has the same thermal properties as the glass, but also blocks UV rays and infrared radiation (heat).

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