Contouring and strobing: Discover the secrets of the most trendy make -up techniques!

After discovering together how to make up impeccablely despite the obligation to wear the mask, the time has come to deepen two very fashionable and perfect make -up techniques to enhance our face: the contour And it strobing.

What is contouring?

It is the make -up technique that provides for the creation of a chiaroscuro game through the use of specific cream products or - for a simpler and more effective process - in compact powder.
Contouring is perfect for redefine the features of the faceor for correct some defects, because if done well it gives the right three -dimensionality to the face and sculpts its sections, highlighting some parts rather than others (such as the cheekbones).

What is Strobing?

It is the make -up technique that allows you to give more light to the face, just like a photo flash or the stroboscobic light of the discos! It is perfect for highlight some areas of the face through specific lighting products.
Strobing provides for thelighting of the protruding areas of the face: front, cheekbones, chin and nose and, if you want to make your gaze more magnetic, do not forget the area of ​​the eyelids near the eyebrows and the internal corner of the eye.

Discover the Bronzing Gold Brown Earth and the Illuminating Illuminating Shimmer Pearl, real MTJ bestsellers finally available again!

Bronzing Gold Brown: the compact mtj powder perfect for contouring

Mtj created Bronzing Gold Brown, the new compact, light and impalpable land, ideal for sculpting the face with a perfect contouring!
Thanks to the innovative use of Two different types of pearls and al Perfect balance of red and brown tones - typical of the tan of the sun - Bronzing Gold Brown gives a refined brightness with an absolutely natural effect on the skin, making the face as delicately sculpted by the sun's rays, all the year.
Spread it on the skin to give her an amber and bright finish: use the brush Face Brush F15 For a sculpted contouring effect, or use the classic brush Face brush f06 For a more tanned effect.
With Bronzing Gold Brown you will be perfect all year round!

Illuminating Shimmer Pearl: the compact mtj powder ideal for strobing

Mtj presents Illuminating shimmer pearl, the seductive compact illuminating powder composed of precious pearls of different sizes who reflect the light making the face super radiant!
Easy to apply and modular, it is a versatile product that can be used alone, for illuminate the complexion, or combined with Bronzing Gold Brown for sculpt the face.

With a delicate and slightly pearly hue, Illuminating Shimmer Pearl enhances the complexion with a delicate touch of brightness for an appearance Of course radiant and shining.
Spread it with the brush Face Brush F15 To illuminate and highlight the areas such as: the area above the cheekbones, the temples, along the attachment of the hair, the jaw, the tip of the nose, the eyes and the lip.
Illuminating Shimmer Pearl will become one of your products 'never again without'!

Ask for advice to your lounge area  of trust, who will be able to assist you and guide you in choosing the right make -up for you.

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