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The Must-Have Trends for Spring/Summer 2024 

It's time to unveil the hair secrets that will dominate the scene in Spring/Summer 2024. Get ready to feel gorgeous and to be pampered by our tips, for a touch of freshness that will accompany you throughout the season. We'll reveal the hottest trends for cuts and colors, paired with the best products, so you can flaunt flawless, cutting-edge style. 

Hair au naturel: celebrating Authentic Beauty 

What will make 2024 a special year is the growing realization that we can make the most of what nature has given us. It is no longer a matter of following pre-packaged standards of beauty, but rather embracing our uniqueness and individuality through our hair. 

In line with the natural hair trend, volume becomes a key element in 2024. It is not just about adding artificial volume, but enhancing and enhancing what we already have. Volume can be achieved from the roots, with styling techniques that lift and give body to the hair, or it can be concentrated on the lengths, creating movement and dynamism. It is about embracing naturalness in every aspect of our hair, letting its authentic beauty shine through without restriction. 

Hair, nature and the summer season scream Beach WavesSpray from the Napura SunSystem Line, was created precisely to enhance the natural movement of any hair, whether smooth, wavy or curly, for a sensual and elegant beach effect. 

For a touch of magic that lasts all day, discover Touching Gel  from the Line NXT Finisha strong hold, alcohol-free gel that gives movement to locks while enhancing any hairstyle. 

So whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight, in 2024 be proud of your hair as it is. Because true beauty lies in confidence and self-acceptance, and there is nothing more beautiful than hair that reflects our authentic essence. 

Hair care: the magic of Hyaluronic Acid. 

Known for its moisturizing and regenerating properties on the skin, Hyaluronic Acid is now in the spotlight for hair care as well. In 2024, we are living in a new era of awareness about the health of our hair. Understanding that healthy hair requires not only a flawless exterior, but also targeted attention to deep hydration and nutrition is essential. 

In this case, the Line Treatments. Aluron  are a must-have for the Spring/Summer season. One of the most interesting features of Hyaluronic Acid, contained in the formulas, is its ability to retain moisture. This means that it will not only moisturize your hair deeply, but also help retain this moisture longer, as well as plumping and elasticizing, giving it a powerful anti-aging effect. Goodbye, dry and dull hair; welcome, soft and silky hair that withstands the weather challenges of the dayborn! 

Helmet Chunky Bob: the casual chic style of Spring  

Trends for 2024 tell us that short cuts will be the undisputed stars of the season, and the Chunky Bob will take center stage. With an even length and slightly scaled at the ends, it creates a soft rounded effect that adds sweetness to the face. The key to achieving a glamorous and chic look is to texturize the hair and keep it natural for a slight wavy effect. 

Also in this case NXT  will come to your aid with Brushing Mousse perfect volumizing foam, suitable for all hair types that gives volume and gives hair a natural shine, for those who want to experiment with shorter lengths without sacrificing style. 

Fringe: an iconic detail for 2024   

In the hot season of 2024, bangs are confirmed as one of the most sought-after and worn hair trends; especially the curtain fringe is depopulated due to its versatility. Shorter above the eyebrows, or longer to the eyes, the fringe is developed giving life to the curtain bangs: already in fashion in 2023, are longer strands of hair on the sides of the face, which tend to separate in the center and open at the sides, gently framing the cheeks and framing the face. 

For perfect bangs, don't forgo shine and protection from the elements with special lacquers that make styling flawless and long-lasting. The lacquers Anti-frizz  by NXT  offer softness and effect anti-frizz immediate. 

Long Layered: the allure of long layered hair    

For those who cannot give up long hair, long layered cuts become a key choice for expressing style and personality, featuring a series of scaled layers that give movement and volume to the hair. 

Scaling in long hair adds dynamism and vitality to the hair, allowing you to play with different lengths and layers and creating an eye-catching effect of volume and movement. 

To enhance the volume of long hair, there is nothing better than the Mousse from NXT; suitable for all hair types, they enhance volume and shine, eliminating frizz and allowing for natural hold. 

Always remember to care for and treat your long hair. The Line Rikeir  kera-reconstructive is ideal for giving new life to your lengths, especially if they are stressed and have split ends. It strengthens and repairs your hair, preparing it to face any challenge! 

Hair accessories: the Art of exaggerating with style     

In the spring of 2024, it's time to showcase your creativity and boldness through hair accessories as well. Why settle for less when you can overdo it with style? Bows and headbands of all types and materials, velvet excels through its elegance; maxi headbands covering the top of the hair and colorful ribbons add a touch of color and originality to any hairstyle. Be bold, creative and don't be afraid to play with colors. 

Braids of all sorts: Braids that enchant      

Whether classic tight braids, French or herringbone variations, these timeless hairstyles continue to enchant with their timeless beauty. And in 2024, soft, slightly worn-looking double braids are especially prized for their pleasantly tousled naturalness. 

The effect messy, soft and natural, is especially popular this year in all types of haircuts and hairstyles, but in braids it is at its best. 

Add personality to the look with colorful ribbons and elastics for a unique result! 

The timeless appeal of close-cropped hair       

In the world of hair, the semi-updo and crop have always been considered elegant and refined choices. And in 2024, these styles dominate, revitalized by new details that make them even more fashionable and up-to-date, such as topknots and bangs that contribute to the messy look. 

Never forgo protection and care for your hair, even if you tie it up! Rely on the Fluids NXT,  there is one for every need. Tame your hair and make it soft, docile and gorgeous. 

Chignon: synonymous with elegance        

From the classic high chignon to the sophisticated low chignon and the fabulous maxi chignon, there is an option for every taste and style.

The high chignon stands out for its majesty and sophistication. Pulled and voluminous, it embodies simplicity and is the perfect companion for any special occasion. The innovation that makes it in step with the trends is the addition of a satin ribbon, wrapped around the circumference of the crop. This detail adds shine and sophistication. 

The low chignon is the essence of minimalist elegance. It gathers the lengths, wrapping them and making them disappear behind the nape of the neck. This season, it is declined in a version that perfectly seals each hair, giving the hairstyle plasticity and shine. Indispensable companions to best enhance this hairstyle are the Gel by NXT; fissing instant ideal for shaping and sculpting. 

The maxi chignon is the emblem of fairy beauty, with its extraordinary voluminosity expressing utmost elegance and care. 

In conclusion, the Spring/Summer 2024 Season is a time to experiment, explore and celebrate the beauty and diversity of all hair, embracing individuality and authenticity in every hairstyle and style. Whether it's a natural, relaxed look or sophisticated elegance, the important thing is to feel confident and beautiful in every moment. 

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