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The Importance of detoxification and skin purification 

The arrival of spring is the ideal time to breathe new life into our skin and prepare it to face the season in all its splendor The detoxification and skin purification become especially crucial during this period, as they help rid the skin of toxins accumulated during the colder months and restore its natural radiance. 

But how to recognize a skin intoxicated?  

Here are some signs that might indicate that your skin is intoxicated: 

  1. Stiff skin: You can do a simple test by gently pressing the scalp skin in the vertex area with your fingertips. If the skin remains whitish, it could be a sign of slowed circulation, indicative of intoxication. Conversely, if the skin turns red, it is likely to be healthy. 
  1. Sensitivity or soreness: Exerting light pressure on the skin on the sides of the head above the ears and then in the middle of the head, if you feel discomfort or increased soreness, it could be a sign of skin intoxication. 
  1. Brittle and thin hair: If your hair appears more brittle, less shiny and prone to shedding, it could be a sign of toxin buildup in the scalp. A detox treatment could promote greater oxygenation of the hair bulbs and improve hair health. 

No miracle is needed, just Purify   

The Line Purify was specially developed to meet the needs of scalp purification by combining Napura's cosmetic expertise with the use of high-quality natural ingredients. 

The Purify line offers numerous benefits for scalp and hair care, here are the basic steps: 

Step 1

Z1 Purify - Intensive Skin Purifying Treatment with Toxins

Step 2

T1 Purify Pre - Treatment Purifying Action Pre-Shampoo in ampoule

Step 3

S1 Purify - Skin Purifying Shampoo with Toxins

Step 4

T1 Purify Post - Purify Skin Treatment with Toxins After Shampoo in Ampoule

Why Choose Purify by Napura Treatsystemethod    

- Deep detoxification: thanks to its innovative formulation and direct application to the skin, the Purify line enables deep detoxification of the scalp, helping to rid the skin of accumulated toxins and restore its natural balance. 

- Powerful mix of Essential Oils: The Purify line is enriched with powerful mixes of Essential Oils, chosen for their effective dissolving power. These mixes help dissolve metabolic waste accumulated in the scalp, promoting deep cleansing and a feeling of freshness. 

• Purifying effect: Thanks to their high-quality cleansing action, Purify Treatments offer effective and deep cleansing. Their ability to be absorbed by the skin ensures that the Essential Oils work deeply, removing impurities and leaving the hair and scalp fresh and clean. 

Small tip: To make the best use of the Purify line, it is recommended to apply the Shampoo directly to the scalp and dry hair, distributing it with the specific dispenser and leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing. This method transforms the normal shampooing gesture into a complete Purify Treatment, ensuring effective detoxification and a feeling of lightness and freshness.  

Choose a professional Treatment for your skin, choose Treatsystemethod. 

Discover the Line Purifyonline and in Napura Salons. 

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