Solari body and hair sunsystem

Solari body and hair Sunsystem: the recipe for nature to better live summer!

Summer has finally arrived and, with her, even the first weekends at the beach and the scent of the holidays.
We cannot therefore do without the must -haves of the season: the solar protections! And Napura meets this need with the Sunsystem line, solar sunscreen and hair essential to live the summer in total safety.

Exposure to the sun, in fact, if addressed in the wrong way can bring with it many contraindications:
• Broes, solar erythema and - in the most serious cases - burns, caused by UVB ultraviolet rays that can cause permanent damage to the skin;
• premature onset of wrinkles caused by ultraviolet rays grapes that penetrate deeply to the dermis, generating the early aging of the skin;
• Development of skin tumors such as melanomas, due to prolonged and non -intelligent exposure to both grape and UVB rays.

Not only negative effects, however: the sun in fact also brings multiple benefits to the body: it is good for the skin in case of particular ailments, it stimulates the production of vitamin D (fundamental for the absorption of calcium), acts on the mood and - if taken intelligently - it makes everyone more beautiful!

Discover the simple rules to enjoy only the benefits of the sun

• Avoid exposure in the hottest hours
• gradually exponished
• Use sunglasses
•  Prepare the skin to solar exhibitions by applying in the previous weeks Melanin plus Melanina activator, or Extreme Tan Intensifier before protection, or even applying directly Extreme TAN SPF 10 Intensifier low protection.
 Also prepare the hair to solar exhibitions, applying Defense Fluid Pre protective sun Hair before exposure
• always applies the solar protections With SPF factor suitable for yours phototype of skin, like the Dream CreamSPF 30 or SPF 50+, or the Dream MilkSPF 20 or SPF 50+.

Remember: even using high sunscreen you will tan you equally, but in a safer way and the tan will last longer!

• Apply the protection several times a day, at least every 2-3 hours
• take care of the skin and hair even when returning from the sea, using the Body Shampoo Nutritional, the Restructuring hair maskRecovery Mask and the Predosole mask Body moisturizerPleasure Mask, which allow you to repair, hydrate and soothe the skin and hair stressed by a day of the sea.

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