Solari face dn4d

Solari face DN4D: maximum protection from UVA-UVB rays and the younger and elastic face skin!

Summer is getting closer and we are ready to enjoy what we were waiting for so much: the sun, freedom, adventure!

Whether you are planning a holiday at the beach or in the mountains, who is waiting for the holidays or is starting to take advantage of the weekends for your "escapes from the city", one thing is certain: Health never goes on vacation!

That's why it is necessary protect you from solar exhibitions, and not only on the beach!
Your face, for example, in this period more than ever is exposed to the sun on many occasions: while walking through the city or during a trip out of town, a wrong exhibition in the sun can cause scroll, solar erythema and also l'premature onto wrinkle onset it's a early aging of theAnd. 

Did you know that the Solari line for the MTJ DN4D face protects you from the sun and also from the effects of time?

DN4D is the Premium line of solar face based on new generation natural compounds. With three degrees of protection SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50, each product of the line combines the anti-aging efficacy of its precious extracts together with the ultra moisturizing force of 4 different hyaluronic acids, to guarantee a safe sun exposure at any time of the day!

The exclusive DNA Protection extracted from the Cassia winged plant has a high antioxidant power that prevents DNA from undergoing modifications caused by UVs, favoring the regeneration of the skin.

The four different configurations of hyaluronic acid, combined together, produce a 4D type moisturizing effect, combining in all skin districts and enhancing the highest hydration, elasticity and tone of the skin at the highest levels.

Proteins and phospholipids nourish the skin and ensure an anti -aging effect, sugars maintain hydrated skin and vitamins A and and ensure immediate protection from free radicals.

These components make the solar face DN4D your best allies to live summer in safety and in beauty! However, remember not to expose in the hottest hours of the day, to use sunglasses and apply protection several times a day.
Not only that: pampering the skin of your face even after sun exposure with the exclusive after -date DN4D PGA After Sun

Hyaluronic acid

Winged Cassia extract

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