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A new packaging, a new image, renewed and enhanced formulas.


300 ml anti-French lacquers

Very high fixing spray kept, protect the fold from humidity. They leave no residue or weigh down the hair. Rapid drying against each climatic challenge of the day. With and without gas.

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Perfect volumizing foams, suitable for all hair types and different drying techniques, with or without a brush. They give hair a natural shine, flexible and natural fixing, even for the most stubborn hair to style.

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Plurriphase spray 200 ml

Innovative and effective spray conditioning suitable for all types of hair, which have lost their natural docility, softness and silkiness. The plurifase system allows the non -fatty conditioning active ingredients to keep pure and ready to interact directly on the hair.

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Fluids 150 ml

Disciplinary fluids, enriched and thermo protectors to fix and enhance the naturalness of the hairstyles. Formulated with refined and light ingredients, enriched with Protavit, an exclusive complex of vegetable proteins and vitamins derived from fruits, strengthens and protects the capillary fiber, even in conditions of high environmental humidity.

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Service 30 ml

Nutritional, lighting and protective serums. They fight the signs of the time and maintain healthy, bright and shiny hair.

They create an invisible shield against atmospheric agents, such as sun, wind and pollution. They preserve the beauty of the hair, regardless of the external conditions.

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Gel 150 ml

Extra-fort and extra-force gel for instant fixing, ideal for giving shape to hairstyles with a particular and sculpted appearance. The formulation is enriched with Protavit, an exclusive complex of vegetable proteins and fruit vitamins that strengthen the capillary fiber.

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Let's discover the formulas

Protavit Complex

Vitamins and proteins united in an active complex, give life to Protavit Complex, a revolutionary formula designed by Napura for your hair care routine: your hair will be strong, healthy, shiny and easy to comb, for a perfect, fast and practical styling every day.

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The natural active ingredients

Rosa di Gerico

Improves hair hydration and shine, nourishes and protects against pollution. Gives softness and reduces frizz.


Babassu oil

It is rich in Vitamin A and Omega-6 and 9, which thoroughly nourish skin and hair as well as provide the much sought-after anti-aging effect.


Pomegranate extract

Offers skin and hair its soothing, protective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A true panacea.


Marula oil

With protein and vegetable fats, Marula Oil with antioxidant power, contains Vitamin E, for soft, silky and shiny hair.


The natural active ingredients


It gives nourishment to the hair and reduces its loss of hydration. Thanks to the fatty acids it contains, it gives softness, volume and shine to the hair.


Murumuru butter

It deeply nourishes the turns off, dry and flowed or damaged by sun, sea, swimming pool and environmental stress. It has elasticizing, anti -frizz and restructuring properties.



They penetrate inside the hair and strengthen it by integrating in its structure, so as to make it full -bodied and toned. The hair will be soft, easily dome, elastic and shiny. They give volume and lightness.


Sweet almond oil

It has marked moisturizing and emollient properties and important beneficial effects in very dry, frizzy or stressed hair treatments due to sun and salt.

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Hair Health starts with the provision of Essential Vitamins, which are essential to make your hair shine...

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crease not holding up?

We would all like a perfect hairdo that is always in order. Here are some small tricks that can help us in this regard....

Laws on the blog


Follow us on our blog post to discover some tips and new products from the NXT Line to get flawless bangs every time...

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For special occasions you can be more glamorous than ever starting with your hair. The right hairstyle suits our personality....

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Some Tips for hair care

1. The chose of the haircut 

The cut must be suitable for your hair, if you don't want to lose hope of having a long lasting fold! 

For example, if you have fine hair and you want a durable turn it is recommended to avoid scaled cuts that tend to be lighter, less full -bodied and with even thinner tips. 

2. Lav are the hair the day before 

Washing your hair a day before procuation at styling is an excellent method for maintaining the fold. 

Not by submitting the hair to a thermal stress but giving the hair the time to finish drying completely, the annoying frizz effect is avoided, due to fast drying. 

Especially in the cold months, thermal shock causes antistatic hair, frizzy and difficult to drain. 

3. Wash the caps of apelli with targeted shampoo 

Choose a shampoo that will make your hair more predisposed to the type of styling. 

If you want a smooth turn, wash your hair with a shampoo aimed at tamed hair. 

If you aspire to the move and voluminous fold, it focuses on hydration with shampoo designed so as not to attack the layer of the crown of the hair. 

4. Avoid humans where you dry your hair 

Among the enemies of the fold there is the humidity that tends to inflate the hair and make it less easy to manage. 

Then avoid drying your hair in the bathroom after taking a shower, or I get the bathroom well, before proceeding to the fold ... or choose another room! 

5. Make the piece ga with Constance 

Memory effect: 

More often and more regularly perform the same fold, the more your hair will have memory and the more they will resist for a long time. 

It is a characteristic of the hair that not everyone knows and seems absurd, but the memory effect exists! 

6. Choose the Federa di Seta 

The federal of silk is not only exceptional for the skin, but it is also a precious ally for the hair! 

The silk reduces the clutch that usually takes place while we sleep, so limits the formation of knots overnight. 

The next morning, the fold will therefore still be in order and will last longer! 

7. Choose strategic products 

The secret that will help you keep the crease for a long time is the choice of the right products. 

• Before: the thermoprotector, protects the hair from the use of the heat sources of the hairdryer and the plate. 

• After: the lacquer, ensures seal and support for the fold 

And it is ideal for a crepe -proof style. 

If you have very thick and curly hair, choose a strong seal lacquer while, if your hair is fine, opt for a lighter lacquer! 

8. Do not take the hair! 

The last advice, but not least! 

The fold hair must not be touched and/or caressed continuously! 

Passing the hands between the locks you risk getting dirty, stressing them and, of course, flatten them. 

1. Do not touch the fringe! 

Never forget, via the hands from the fringe! 

Even if it is natural to touch it, the more you touch it the more it will dirty because of the warmth and sebum that we naturally have on the hands, the impurities with which they come into contact and also traces of creams and oils with which we hydrate them. 

2. Attention One to Skincare and Makeup 

The fringe rests directly on the skin of the forehead, for this reason it tends to get dirty more. 

• Avoid applying large quantities of cream on the forehead and choose a formula that absorbs quickly. 

• The fringe will increase the sebum produced by the skin, for this you can apply a purifying mask only on this area. 

• Avoid putting the foundation/ face powder on the forehead, it will not be seen whether it is made up or not, but the fringe will thank! 

The hair that touches the forehead will not come into contact with the makeup. 


It is essential to keep the fringe always perfect, thoroughly cleaning brush and comb periodically and periodically. 

Especially on the brush, residues of styling and dust products accumulate, so if every time you brush the fringe the brush and the comb are not clean, they will make the fringe greased and will get dirty ahead of time. 

4. Select Rised Styling Products 

In order not to make the fringe quickly dirty, avoid styling products that could weigh it down and grease it. So prefer: 

• The thermoprotector, which protects the hair from the heat of hair dryer and plate. The fringe is washed more often and is therefore more frequently subjected to heat: the thermo protector will help not to ruin it. 

• The lacquer, indispensable to fix and prevent the fringe from opening in the middle. A couple of splashes are enough from afar to block rebel hair and keep the fringe in order all day. 

5. Rou Tine Night 

To avoid fighting the best way in the morning with your fringe, (as they teach in the backstage of the fashion shows) is: 

Fix it with one or two bobby pins using a cotton disk or a tissue bent between the soft and hair. 

No unpleasant signs after a night of sleep! 

• Wash the hair with warm, not hot water. 

• The shampoo must be distributed on the scalp and massaged for a few minutes with the fingertips. Massage is essential for hair health: it allows the stimulation of microcirculation. 

• Shampoo (and conditioner) must be carefully rinsed to eliminate any small residue. 

• Important step: the hair must then be buffered to eliminate excess water, this allows the cuticles of the hair to close slightly and the heat not to penetrate inside, consequently the hair is not dehydrated. 

Let's move on to the second step, the hairdryer: 

• The hairdryer must be directed in the correct way in order not to open the roel cuticles. 

• The heat of the hairdryer must be directed precisely, from the root to the tips of the hair and not vice versa. In this way the cuticles can close themselves completely. 

Only if they are completely closed, the light is reflected on the surface of the hair. 

• The hair must be combed/brushed gently every day. This allows you to stimulate the hair bulb of the hair. 

• It is important to comb them in the right way, starting from the tips, where we find the knots. Once the knots are eliminated, you can go to comb the whole hair. 

• Beware of the material! Not recommended brushes and plastic combs as it can electrify the hair and can contribute to breaking and creating double tips. Choose natural materials, such as wood or bamboo. 

• Predict combs and brushes: 

Large teeth to comb the dry hair. 

with tight teeth to comb the wet hair. 

To get the brilliance of hair so desired only the shampoo is not enough .. 

It is important to select in addition to the shampoo also the mask according to our type of hair. 

Conditioners designed for dry, dyed, damaged, frizzy, fat, and much more conditioning are available ... 

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