Bamboo extract

Scientific name: Vulgaris SAP Extract Bambusa
Classification: Vegetable extract

Rimineralizing, moisturizing and reinforcing.



Tales from nature

Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants in nature.
Called Bambusa Arundinacea, it is a plant originally from Asia, which belongs to the Poaceae family.

It has countless nutritional properties. It grows quite quickly, up to 25 cm per day, in addition to spreading quickly in the areas where it is planted.
The bamboo is used for the most varied productions, from clothes to medicines, from constructions to cosmetics.

Its extract obtained from the stems and leaves of the plant has a very high content of organic silica. This mineral is naturally present in our body and plays a fundamental role in the production of collagen and in maintaining healthy and elastic tissues. His production, however, tends to decrease over time.


Bamboo extract gives skin and hair elasticity and has exceptional mineralizing and anti-aging properties. The particular fibers extracted from the bamboo integrate on the hair making it stronger and more full -bodied. It also has moisturizing and reinforcing properties.

Principi attivi

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