Bergamot essential oil

Scientific name: Citrus Bergamia Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Astringent, disinfectant and sebum-regulator.

Tales from nature

Bergamot is the fruit, precisely citrus, of the Citrus Bergamia, an evergreen that reaches 3/4 meters high, with light green leaves and with white and fragrant flowers. The bergamot is intense yellow in color, round and a little crushed to the poles, cultivated mainly on the coasts, especially in Sicily and on the coasts of Magna Grecia in general.

The geographical origin is not certain, since it is a hybrid between two other citrus fruits, but that of the name is Turkish; In fact, it is called "beg amudi" that is "however of the Lord".

The essential oil extracted from the plant is used frequently in cosmetics in the formulations of products for skin and hair, thanks to its healing and astringent properties.


Known for its astringent power on skin and hair, it is used for as an excellent detergent, disinfectant, sebo-regulator and antibacterial. In synergy with other essential oils, the vitality of hair roots increases and improves the structural elements of the stems.

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