Bisabololo essential oil

Scientific name: Alfa-(-)-Bisabololo Flower Tales Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Calming, healing and antibacterial.

Tales from nature

The α-bisabololo commonly bisabolol is a natural alcohol obtainable from the distillation of the essential oil of chamomile.

It can also be extracted from other herbaceous plants and also from the wood of the Candeia tree and many other plants. Furthermore, bisabolol can be chemically synthesized.

Straw yellow, liquid, clear and viscous appearance, has a sweet smell, it is thermolable (alteration due to heat) and is soluble in oil and alcohol. Instead, it is not soluble in water and glycerin.


Well known and used for its countless properties in the cosmetic field. It has a calming power, very effective on redd skin due to the wind, cold or sun.

Protects the irritated skin. Cicatrizing and repairer: very effective on damaged skin, on chapped lips, on the skin exposed to the sun.

Antifungino and antibacterial: it is suitable for anti-acne products or irritated or red skin treatments. It is often used in specific cosmetics for red or irritated skin or in children's products, being very well tolerated.

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