Citronella essential oil

Scientific name: Cymbopogon Nardus Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Antibacterial and antiseptic with perfumed notes.

Tales from nature

Citronella is a perennial aromatic herb (cymbopogon genre) typical of the warm temperate and tropical regions of Aurasia, similar to sorghum. They are thorny plants that can reach a height of up to one meter.

The stem is erected with ribbed leaves of a beautiful intense green color, tending to bluish and pendulum, and both emanate a pleasant citrus scent.

The essence of citronella is in fact particularly used in cosmetics, as the fragrance of numerous cosmetic products, thanks to its essential oil.


Citronella essential oil boasts multiple beneficial properties, such as: antiseptic, antidepressive, anti -inflammatory, diuretic, worm, astringent, analgesic and decongestant.

On the central nervous system, the citronella has a calming and rebalancing effect. Often in cosmetics its essential oil as an antiseptic with perfumed notes is used, both within skin treatments and in products for cleansing hands and body, in which it exerts an immediate balsamic function on the skin.


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