Hydrolyzed pearl

Scientific name: Hydrolyzed Pearl
Classification: Mineral

Smoothing, illuminating.

Tales from nature

In Chinese medicine, pearls were used in the form of dust as a precious medicine reserved for emperors. Perla hydrolyzed, extracted from the pearls, is a very precious source of over 15 amino acids (of which eight essentials). Some of these, for example, favor the production of collagen, cell regeneration and nourish the skin.

Numerous trace elements, such as zinc, copper, selenium, magnesium, iron and silicon, stimulate the formation of keratin, hair protein. Brightness and shine, among its greatest beneficial effects.


Perla's hydrolyzed acts on the hair with a smoothing and smoothing effect on the structure. He supports the fold, giving an extraordinary effect of brightness and shine. Thanks to its liquid shape it is easily absorbed by the hair. Fixed and model in a soft and natural way. Hydrates the hair and protects them from UV rays.

Principi attivi

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