Did you know that our hair also ages?

How to recognize an aged hair?

Just like our skin, our hair also ages over time, we understand it from the fragile, weakened, thinner stem and with a growth phase (Anagen) reduced.

It is physiological and natural that with the passage of time the hair bulb does, making these changes also to the lengths of our hair.

We have already talked about how to better treat the hair starting from its root here: Do you know the importance of the direct supply of the shampoo in the skin?

Let's not forget about melanin, the factor that gives the color both to our skin and our hair. With the progress of the age there will be a decrease in melanin and the hair will become white.

What are the causes?

Just as for our skin, even for the hair, aging will depend on multiple factors, internal or external.

The prolonged exposure to UV rays without adequate protections, for example, harms our health as for that of our hair, causing oxidative stress to the scalp.Deepen you here.

Other external factors can be smog and pollution, or prolonged traction (often bring the hair tied and "pulled"), or a neglected hygiene of the scalp.

There are also internal factors, which go to weaken the hair bulb, as any intake of drugs and hormonal factors.

How to prevent aginging of the hair and revitalize hair follicles?

It is essential to follow an adequate Hair Care Routine, starting from the use of products antioxidants that protect the scalp.

The phytocomplex of Green grapes of the grapes It is an assets with a very strong antioxidant action, has a defensive action on the scalp and protects the hair bulb from internal and external aggressions.

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To find out more watch the videos where Sara, our cosmetologist, speaks of this topic, you find the first parthere and the second part here

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