Hair loss: causes, types and remedies to combat it

How many times have you woken up in the morning and found your pillow full of hair? How many times have you seen it lingering in your hands while in the shower?  
Hair loss is an extremely common phenomenon that can bring discomfort and insecurity.In this article we will find out how it works and especially what are the remedies and "Tips" to counteract it.

Hair growth and hair loss, how it works 

On average in the head the number of hair varies from 100,000 to 150,000: this figure obviously depends on numerous factors such as hair color (blondes have more, redheads tend to have less), gender, ethnicity, age and more. 

Hair originates from follicles, veritable miniature organs capable of producing cells that, as they accumulate and keratinize, go on to form the hair. Each follicle is capable of generating during its lifetime up to 25 hairs; to do this it uses the follicular papilla, which is in charge of supplying all the substances necessary for this operation. 

When the circulation of the papilla is healthy and active, hair growth is rapid, but if there are circulation problems, growth slows down. Damage to the papilla leads to permanent hair loss and death of the hair follicle. 

Losing up to about 60 hairs per day is normal and part of the hair life cycle, if this number increases it can be a sign of problems that can lead to miniaturization, thinning, shedding, and, in severe cases, baldness. 


Hair loss, the main causes 

There are many causes of hair loss, but the most common is seasonal: in fact, between autumn and winter there is a physiological increase in hair loss of up to 50%. Genetics and age also weigh heavily in this area, especially for men (called androgenetic alopecia).  

Removing these natural variations, however, there are numerous other factors to pay attention to: 

  • Nutritional deficiencies of protein, minerals and trace elements; 
  • Invasive treatments such as dyes or use of very hot tools for styling, if done without proper precautions; 
  • Environmental agents such as smog, chlorine, salt, and excessively cold or hot climates; 
  • Physical and psychological stress, brought on by trauma or periods of tension; 
  • Excess sebum, which goes to alter the Ph of the skin and hinder the nourishment of the follicle; 
  • Diseases and medications that may impact the hair life cycle. 


Hair loss in women, a growing phenomenon with a strong emotional impact 

The problem of hair loss is not only a male problem, but affects almost 1 in 2 women, and in most cases it affects the entire head leading to general thinning. 

If for men that of baldness is a problem as common as it is now socially accepted, unfortunately the same cannot yet be said for women, who in the most popular canons of beauty, are always represented with long flowing hair. 

These canons are fortunately gradually being torn down, in a direction of greater inclusiveness, but female hair loss still remains a strong aesthetic problem that can cause psychological consequences such as insecurity and discomfort. 

There is good news, however: hair loss in the female sex is generally easier to counteract than in men, especially if timely action is taken with the right products and Treatments. 


Diagnosis: the first step in preventing hair loss 

When you notice the first alarm bells, it is a good idea to carry out a scalp diagnosis in a timely manner; to do this, go to a specialized center or salon equipped with Trichological microcamera: this instrument is in fact able to observe the skin by magnifying the image up to 400 times to get an accurate view of the health of the scalp and your hair. 

With expert advice and the use of the right products it will be possible, in most cases, to bring significant benefits to hair loss. 

 products-anti-hair loss

Remedies and Tips to Combat Hair Loss 

There are many ways to combat this unpleasant phenomenon: 

  • first of all, it is important to review one's lifestyle, reducing stress and avoiding an irregular sleep cycle; 
  • also the diet plays a key role, so you need to make sure you get enough protein, iron and vitamin B;
  • perfect the technique of washing, drying and combinga, as mechanical stress leads to hair deterioration: always start with the lengths, avoid plastic brushes and excessive heat; 

Where do-it-yourself remedies are not enough, essential oil-based treatment products come to our rescue: for more than 20 years Napura has been offering the Treatsystemethod, Highly specialized, high-performance Treats in vials designed to address major skin and hair imperfections, now in a new, eco-friendly refill packaging, Green refills presented inside the Touch Treat Dispenser, the revolutionary salon display, recyclable, refillable, durable and compact. 

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