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pH: the pH balancing treatment for skin and hair

#07To take the best care of our hair, we need to learn about it so that we can immediately pick up the signs of any problems and then choose the right product to remedy them.

Today we discover a very important component of the hair: the cuticle. This is the outer layer of the hair and the best indicator of its health. In fact, a healthy cuticle results in shiny, healthy hair, while a damaged cuticle will make hair weak and sensitive.

The cuticle is very sensitive to changes in pH: when faced with a non-acidic value, the cuticular scales tend to open, making the hair structure easily attacked. In these cases it is necessary to use a product that ensures an acidic context, thus allowing the hair to protect itself from external aggression thanks to a healthy and strong cuticle.


07pH is Napura's rebalancing line. designed for normalize the pH of the hair, restoring the optimal balance between scalp and lengths. Promotes the closure of cuticular scales, making hair extraordinarily smooth, shiny and combable. It rids the scalp and lengths of impurities, leaving them fresh, healthy and balanced.

The Dead Sea Integral Mud, rich in mineral salts, has a powerful purifying and sebum-regulating action, thus promoting the normalization and strengthening of skin functions.

The extracts of Klamat Seaweed, Chondrus Crispus Seaweed and Sea Lichenmoisturize and enhance the length of hair, giving it body, tone and strength.

La vitamin Eensures powerful antioxidant effects while the wheat protein, integrating into the hair structure, strengthen it, making it full-bodied and toned.

Finally, thegrapefruit extractfacilitates the complete closure of the scales, making the hair fiber smooth and combable.

The result: with the 07pH treatment you rid the scalp and hair of all kinds of impurities, for a
healthy freshness to the scalp and immediate conditioning to the stems. I hair thus appears exceptionally soft, shiny, vital and docile.

This is why the 07pH line is indicated in cases of dry, frizzy hair and normal/oily skin

Ask for advice to your trusted hairdresser, who will be able to assist and guide you in choosing the right treatment for you.

Dead Sea whole salts shampoo

Grapefruit Extract

shampoo essential oil eucalyptus

Extracts of Klamat Seaweed, Chondrus Crispus Seaweed and Sea Lichen

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