What are microproteins?

And why they are so important?

Our hair is made up of protein, keratin and other valuable elements, so it is important to feed and revitalize it with Natural microproteins.

Napura has formulated a specific line to deal with lengths, based on Plant natural microproteins, which are the same ones present in the structure of our hair.

The Line M is designed to donate new life and beauty to the hair : Just spray the product directly on the dry canopy to allow the proteins to act and penetrate inside the hair.

Deepen them QUI with Mirko, Chemist Formulator and Production Manager of Procosmet.

Find out the Line M

As anticipated before, the Microproteins present in all the M Line, natural and plant-based, contain amino acid sequences, which are also present on human keratin.

For this they penetrate the bark and are absorbed by the hair cuticle, repairing or feeding the damaged capillary fibers, donating to the capello new elasticity and corposity. How?

-It's simple : It vaporizes the Products of the Line M Pre (Nutry, Rikeir, Color) directly on the dry and unwashed hair and lightly warm the hair with the phon.

-After 10/15 of laying you proceed to washing ; you will find the natural and fantastic brilliance of your hair.

The Line M is composed of :

M | 7 pH NOVITA ' -Post, reequilibrant and illuminating treatment for lengths

M | 8 nutry -Pre, moisturizing and nutritive treatment for lengths

M | 9 rikeir -Pre-treatment, Kera-reconstructive treatment for lengths

M | 10 color -Pre-protective, protective and antioxidant treatment for colored hair

M | 11 aluron NOVITA ' -Post treatment, volumizing facelift for lengths

Cure and cuddle your hair after the holidays

September is the month of the reconstruction of the hair, which after the holidays and prolonged exposure to UV rays needs to find new vigor.

We've already talked about the potential damage of the sun on the hair here

Now that we introduced you the new Line M Microproteins natural, let's see together because the Treatments Pre Nutry, Rikeir and Color shall be given on dry and unwashed hair :

-Did you know that the hair is like a sponge? When you erode the Microproteins on the hair, the natural drying or with the phon makes the water evaporate, leaving the Microproteins to anchor to the keratin of the hair.

-In this way the hair buys body, robustness, softness, according to the chosen treatment. It's the perfect season to try out the Natural Microprotein-based Treatments. And he recalls the two extraordinary novelties :

M | 7 pH Post Treatment Lengths Rebalancing Illuminating

M | 11 Aluron Post Treatment Lengths Lifting Volumizing

We find the M Line in the green recharge formats from 8 bottles + pump or in the Bipack format from 2 bottles + pump.

Buy the Line M here

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