What is the skin microbiota?

And how to keep it in balance?

Maybe you didn't know it, but our body is populated by many living microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts, molds, fungi... which form the so-called Skin microbiota.

They are found inside some organs and outside, on our epidermis.

Don't be scared by their names, they keep our skin healthy by carrying out very important functions. In fact, we must be able to distinguish microorganisms good from those bad: the former create a barrier that protects us from the latter, which attack the bacterial flora Good creating an imbalance of the Microbiota.

Chat happens when an imbalance in the skin microbiota is created?

When the Microbiota is out of balance it can generate a series of skin discomfort, or imperfections that could make us uncomfortable and in difficulty, such as itching, redness or dry skin, weighed down or dull hair.

 Just like the bacterial flora inside our intestines, the one found on our skin also needs to be nourished and protected.

CHow to nourish the good bacteria of our microbiota?

We find the answer by talking about Prebiotics And Postbiotics.What are?

THE Prebiotics they are natural substances, such as extracts of some plants, which nourish the good bacteria of the skin microbiota, making them prevail over the bad bacteria and thus counteracting the imbalance formed.

THE Postbiotics they derive from prebiotics and are inactive cells or cellular components, and they also act as nourishment for the microbiota.

Where to find Pre and Postbiotics to nourish the skin?

Napura has the solution for all skin types: S5 Active Plus Shampoo (200/400/1000 ml formats), the new specific line for skin discomfort, with Probiotics and Ginger Essential Oil which promotes the balance of the Microbiota and thus restores the hydrolipidic barrier.

Watch the videos of Sara, our Cosmetologist, to get an answer to all your questions about the Microbiota and the solutions to keep it in balance:

The importance of the microbiota - Video

The care of the skin microbiota with S5 Active Plus - Video

The peculiarity of S5 Active Plus Shampoo is in the dispenser Twist Open, which Napura has specifically designed to deliver the product directly to the skin. In fact, you just need to apply S5 Active Plus on dry scalp, massage and then rinse.

We have already talked about the importance of direct delivery to the skin, find out more HERE

If you experience dandruff in addition to skin discomfort, the right shampoo is for you S5 Active , while, if there is no dandruff but rather itching, irritation or redness, S5 Active Plus it is the most suitable shampoo for you.

The world of Napura responds to every need, which is why it is so broad and has so many names... don't worry, Mirko, Formulator Chemist and Production Manager of Procosmet, explains how to orient yourself in the world of Napura letters HERE

All you have to do is say goodbye to the discomfort of skin discomfort! you can find S5 Active Plus HERE

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