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Inoildensity is a thickening fluid for perfect coloring and bleaching techniques.

It makes the consistency of the coloring and bleaching mixture dense and creamy, for a more precise, versatile and uniform application on the lengths.

Ideal for creative and trendy coloring techniques, even freehand. It does not interfere and does not change the result of the color.

Choose your favorite color or decoration technique and add the thickening fluid to obtain perfect and performing results.

The product has been tested with different coloring and discoloration techniques directly in the professional salon and the results are excellent.

Procosmet Italy takes great care to keep the list of ingredients up-to-date; however, it cannot guarantee that it corresponds precisely to the current composition of the product for which it recommends consulting the label.HYDROXYETHYL ACRYLATE/SODIUM ACRYLOYLDIMETHYL TAURATE COPOLYMER, ETHYLHEXYL COCOATE, AQUA, SQUALANE, COCOS NUCIFERA OIL, POLYSORBATE 60, SORBITAN ISOSTEARATE.

DecolorizationTo thicken decolorization, shake well before use, mix Starlight powder with InoilOxigen oxidizer, add InoilDensity, dosing drop by drop. Mix until the desired consistency is achieved. It is recommended not to exceed 5 grams of thickener per 30 g of powder.ColoringTo thicken the color, shake the product well before use, mix InoilNuance with the desired InoilOxigen oxidizer. Then add InoilDensity, dosing drop by drop. Mix until the desired consistency is achieved. It is recommended not to exceed 5 grams of thickener per 60 g of color in oil.

Active principles

The product contains a thickening/thickening ingredient is of plant/synthetic origin without GMOs.





The exclusive packaging of our products is functional and personalized in detail, a real pleasure for sight and touch, for an engaging and experiential approach.

Sophisticated and modern design solutions, specifically designed to preserve pure active ingredients over time.

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If we want to reduce the environmental impact of plastic, we must all have attentive and responsible behavior and correctly recycle any type of material in the appropriate containers, according to the provisions of one's municipality.

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