Essential oil of Rosa Centifolia

Scientific name: Rosa Centifolia Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Balanced, moisturizing.

Tales from nature

Rosa Centifolia essential oil is extracted from a hybrid of the rose centifolia and the Gallic rose. It is a thorny shrub that can reach 2.5 meters in height and produces a large number of flowers. It is assumed that it originates from Provence, born from a hybridization of different species of roses imported to Europe by the East by the Dutch merchants after 1600.

Much used in perfumery, for its intense and characteristic fragrance, it is extremely rare and precious. In the cosmetic field it is used in preparations, such as creams, balms, oils and perfumes for dry skin, dermatitis, mature and sensitive skin and for its perfumed and flavored properties. His extracts and oils are very precious as they require long and complex processes.


Rosa Centifolia essential oil is among the most expensive essentials in the world. It has a strong balancing and moisturizing action on the skin. It soothes the inflammations and redness of the skin, shelters, heals and renews the epidermis, stimulating cell renewal thanks to its petals rich in vitamins and fatty acids.

It also acts as anti -wrinkle. The intense and distinctive perfume gives harmony and well -being and has an aphrodisiac effect.

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