Glycolic extract of Guaranà

Scientific name: Paullinia Cupana Seed Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Stimulating, draining, revitalizing.

Tales from nature

Guaranà is a spontaneous climbing Liana that grows in the southern Amazonian forest. It contains a high concentration of caffeine, equal to double that contained in coffee seeds. Most of Guaranà's production are intended for the energy drinks market, while 30% for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. In particular, it is widely used in anti -cellulite treatments.


Guaranà's glycolic extract is a natural substance with multiple benefits for the skin. It has marked stimulating and revitalizing properties: for this reason it is used in the cosmetic field in anti-aging products, face creams and eye contour and anti-cellulite treatments. Also excellent as a fragrance for cleansing products.

Principi attivi

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