Lillà flower extract

Scientific name: 

Regenerating and stimulating of follicles.

Tales from nature

The flower of Lillà (Syringa) derives from a vigorous shrub originating in Asia and for thousands of years, it can also be found in Europe. It blooms in spring and is mainly used to enrich the gardens with perfume, thanks to the ease of cultivation and abundant flowering.

Usually grown in hedge, the lilacs develop like small trees with thick hair, the foliage is falling and the average height reaches 4 meters. Considered a flower of paradise, he perfumed the Harem gardens; The seeds were later collected and integrated into the rosaries that accompanied the prayers of the pilgrims directed to the Holy Land.

In addition to the perfume, this flower is used in cosmetology and medicine. In formulas for skincare it helps to stimulate cell reproduction and has an anti-aging function, opacifies the complexion by eliminating some common skin imperfections such as spots and small wrinkles.


Within the hair treatments, the Lillà flower extract improves the functions of follicles by promoting natural spare and hair regrowth processes.

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