Rosa di Gerico

Scientific name: Selaginella Lepidophylla Extract
Classification: Vegetable oil

Emollient and conditioning. 

Tales from nature

Gerico's rose represents rebirth and has always been considered an almost miraculous plant.

Despite its name, considered romantic, it does not look like the classic rose with colored petals, but it is a bulb that does not require too much water.

Its color depends on humidity and light of the environment in which it is preserved. Gerico's rose is called the resurrection plant for its ability to be reborn; In fact, he presents himself dry and just keep his roots in a bath for a few minutes to see her take new life.


Gerico's rose improves hydration and shine of hair, bringing nourishment and protecting them from pollution. It gives softness and reduces the frizz effect.

It is also an excellent ally for your skin, which will find hydration, nourishment and softness thanks to its vegetable extract.

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