Trace elements

Scientific name: Trace Element
Classification: Active Ingredient

Remineralize and make hair full-bodied and vital.

Tales from Nature

Trace elements are the minerals that, while present in our bodies.
only in small amounts or even in minute traces, perform important biological functions (oligo from the Greek "oligos," little). The Essential Trace Elements for specific hair health are: Iron -
Copper -Zinc.

It was not until around the twentieth century that the chemical and physical effects of Trace Elements were studied, which would be used in biochemistry, although by several millennia man has known and exploited their beneficial properties.

In fact, Greeks and Romans believed that from preparations based on minerals and metals, came vigor and strength.


The Trace Elementsare catalysts of enzymes, i.e., manyof the functions they perform are activated, and thus catalyzed, by the Trace Elements.

They activate certain metabolic processes and improve the function of certain organs if they were malfunctioning due to chemical imbalance.

In skin treatments, they help rebalance the scalp by giving strength, tone, and body to all types of hair.


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