Truffle oil

Scientific name: Tuber Magnatum Extract
Classification: Vegetable Oil

Nourishing and antioxidant.


Tales from Nature

The Truffle is considered luxury par excellence: it is very expensive and valuable, and appreciated at the table because of its very special taste and smell. It is an excellent ally for health, thanks to the Mineral Salts and Potassium that help the body eliminate toxic substances, while the fibers cooperate in the regularization of the intestines.

In addition to the table, truffles also prove very useful in cosmetic products, thanks to its anti-aging and nourishing properties.


Truffle Oil gives a fantastic lifting effect to the skin and acts on skin spots, reducing them. It contains Linoleic Acid, which moisturizes and regenerates skin and hair.

Its antioxidant properties make this ingredient indispensable against aging as it stimulates and nourishes cells by counteracting the action of free radicals. 

Principi attivi

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