Knock, knock? Nature is calling you

We designed the project GreenRoad 

Are you curious to learn more about it? 

Let's start with the basic point: we are moving more and more on the path of sustainability, based on the concepts of saving and anti-waste, because for so long, too long, we have neglected our home. And no, we are not talking about when you forgot to dust or wash the floors of home your own. 

We are talking about all the times we forgot the lights on, let the water run, wasted paper or bought disposable products and maybe filled with non-recyclable plastic! 

What we call Home, and which we often take for granted, is a Earth now deeply wounded, just waiting for respect to heal. 

This is the origin of our project GreenRoad 

This year for us will be about respecting the Planet, starting with small gestures and correct behaviors in daily life.  

United we can do a lot, with a little effort from everyone. 

We will accompany you throughout 2024, with projects and tips to improve the health of the Planet, and thus our lives as well. We will be by your side always. 

What is GreenRoad?

Dear salons and dear consumers, we know you are curious but we can't tell you everything right now.... Do you want to know what GreenRoad is? It is our heart project, the path that will keep us together at least through 2024. 

It is 10 events that will mark the our path toward a better future. 10 days, each dedicated to a theme, to actively act and confirm our and your commitment to sustainability and an increasingly green approach. 

We are doing our best and can only get better. 

You just have to follow us to stay updated on all the news, which also includes many promos Green for you!

Our goals Green

Here is what we want to do, together with you, through the GreenRoad project: 

  • At Procosmet, we want to continue our journey toward sustainability, improving ourselves and involving you more and more; 
  • We want to raise awareness of salons and clients on the main issues related to environmental protection, through cosmetics, which is our world; 
  • We want to promote the correct behaviors to be used, by end consumers especially during the daily beauty routine; 
  • We want to propose responsible purchases of products that are sustainable or have less environmental impact. 

And much just have to find out by walking down this road with us. 

We have dedicated a section of our website to this project. Each month the GreenRoad page will be updated until it contains all our 2024 projects. 

Follow the project GreenRoad, walk the trail with us! 

Thank you, you are part of Us.

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