Plant a tree and breathe with us

È the simplest thing in the world

Last year we made a promise: To plant at least 10 thousand trees to absorb 5 thousand tons of CO2 over the lifetime of those trees.  

Thanks to you we were able to keep it, and that is why we want to tell you: 

THANK YOU, per for believing in us and trusting us.  

he thanks go to the salons that supported us in our project and contributed significantly to the achievement of our goal. 

And to you, our customers who have always loved our products, and by buying them you do good for the planet. 

In cooperation with Tree Nation, we planted trees for every order placed over 60 euros, to reduce our environmental impact and absorb CO2. 

Here you can see graphs, the impact of reforestation, the species of trees planted, and the amount of CO2 absorbed.



Visit the Forest of Procosmet 

Here find the virtual version of the forest we created thanks to your contribution! The trees are planted in Tropical areas, which are statistically better suited to counter pollution. In these large areas, trees receive more sunlight and the environmental conditions are perfect for their growth. 

Why the trees?

In addition to benefiting the planet, trees and plants generate social benefit, as contact with nature brings mental well-being, and various plant species lend themselves to the creation of medicines or cosmetic and phytotherapeutic products. 

Indeed, we continue our path toward a more sustainable world and use valuable Raw Materials, Active Ingredients and Essential Oils of natural origin. 

Trees are also valuable to developing countries, which survive and grow on food, water and materials obtained from forests. Trees, our invaluable allies, absorb CO2 from the air and turn it into oxygen, a fundamental source of life for us. 

In fact, one of the main causes of climate change is precisely the deforestation that is devastating the planet that is our Home. 

If you would like to learn more, we have collected here lots of info and FAQs that may be helpful to you. Now you know how important trees are and how, with a very small gesture, you can contribute to a better future with more trees and less pollution. 

For 2024, our project continues online: by purchasing at least 60 euros worth of groceries on our site, we will plant a new tree for every order. 

Give life to hope for the future, plant a tree and breathe with us.  

Thank you, you are part of us. 


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