Secrets to make the crease last longer!

Napura reveals them to you

1. The choice of haircut

The haircut must be appropriate for your hair, if you don't want to lose hope of having a long lasting style! 

For example, if you have fine hair and want a long-lasting style, it is recommended to avoid scaled cuts, which tend to be lighter, less full-bodied and with even thinner ends. 


2. Wash your hair the day before

Washing your hair a day before styling is a great way to maintain the style. 

By not subjecting the hair to heat stress but giving the hair time to finish drying completely, you avoid the annoying frizzy effect caused by quick drying. Especially in the cold months, heat shock causes hair to be antistatic, frizzy and difficult to tame.


3. Wash hair with targeted shampoo

Choose a shampoo that will make the hair more predisposed to the type of styling. If you want a smooth style, wash your hair with a shampoo aimed at taming the hair. If you aspire to a wavy, voluminous crease, focus on moisturizing with shampoos designed not to attack the cuticle layer of the hair. 


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4. Avoid humidity where you dry your hair

Among the enemies of blow-drying is humidity, which tends to swell hair and make it less easy to manage. 

So avoid drying your hair in the bathroom after taking a shower, or ventilate the bathroom itself well before styling... Or choose another room.


5. Do your hair consistently

Memory effect: the more often and the more regularly you perform the same fold, the more memory your hair will have and the longer it will last. 

It's a characteristic of hair that not everyone knows about, and it sounds crazy, but the memory effect exists! 


6. Choose the silk pillowcase

The silk pillowcase is not only exceptional for the skin, but it is also a valuable ally for the hair! Silk reduces the friction that usually occurs while we sleep, so it limits the formation of knots during the night. 

The next morning, your hair will therefore still look neat and last longer! 


7. Choose strategic products

The secret that will help you in maintaining the crease for a long time is choosing the right products. 

- First: the heat protectant, protects hair from the use of heat sources of hair dryer and straightener. 

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- Next: the lacquer, provides hold and support to the crease and is ideal for frizz-proof styling. 

If you have very thick and curly hair, choose a strong hold hairspray while, if your hair is fine, opt for a lighter hairspray! 

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8. Don't touch the hair

The last, but not least, piece of advice! 

Hair in the crease should not be touched and/or stroked all the time! 

Running your hands through the strands risks making them dirty, stressing them and, of course, flattening them. 

And did you already know these secrets?

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