Scientific name: Adenosine
Classification: Active principle

Melanin production stimulator.


Tales from nature

Adenosine is the name of the molecule that induces the feeling of tiredness. During the day, when we are awake and consume energy, the human body produces adenosine in the brain.

Adenosine is a nucleotide with an extremely important function in the establishment of DNA and RNA. It plays a fundamental role in biochemical processes, such as energy transfer. In cosmetics it is used both for its anti-aging effects and as a stimulator in the production of melanin.


In cosmetics, adenosine is used to improve the quality of the skin with an anti-aging effect. It is also used in some hair treatments, as it increases the duration and vitality of the hair and hair in general.

In the cosmetic formulas of solar products it promotes and intensifies the tan together with tyrosine, thanks to its powerful properties to stimulate the production of melanin in the skin.

Principi attivi

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