Angelica glycolic extract

Scientific name: Angelica Archangelic Root Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Draining, stimulates circulation.

Tales from nature

Angelica is a wooded plant of the family of umbrellas originally from Northern Europe and North America which can overcome two meters in height. It is also called "Archangelical", by the legend according to which this plant would have been donated to humanity by an archangel. Following this belief, in 1500, it was used as an infusion deemed able to extend life and to have miraculous effects, especially during epidemics and plagues that often affected Europe.

Today it boasts numerous beneficial properties for the body and metabolism and is used in all its parts, seeds, roots, leaves and stem. Angelica essential oil is used as a perfume for environments and cosmetics.

It has benefits in case of anxiety, insomnia, agitation and emotional trauma. It gives energy and relief to the spirit, for this reason it is widely used in aromatherapy.


From the angelic the glycolic extract is obtained, particularly appreciated for its intense, persistent, sweet and very pleasant perfume. It has a woody and earthy note. If used in oils and bathrooms it is useful for circulatory problems and the stagnation of liquids.

Principi attivi

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