Bardana Major extract

Scientific name: Arctium lappa extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Purifying, detoxifying and normalizing.

Tales from nature

The Bardana Maggiore (Arctium Lappa) is a perennial spontaneous plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is widespread in the temperate areas of Europe and Asia. In Italy it is quite common throughout the peninsula from the plain to the mountain, in uncultivated land, around the ruins and along the paths. It has a ramous and robust stem, with many grooves. As an officinal plant is used in herbal medicine and phytotherapy for its therapeutic properties.

The major Bardana extract derives from the root which is used internally and externally in the form of dry, fluid extract; tincture. The name Arctium derives from the Greek bear and probably refers to the villosity and the bristly appearance of the plant.

One of the main benefits of the Bardana is therefore to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body. Its purifying properties are exploited mainly for the health and beauty of the skin and skin, in the case of acne or excess sebum production.


The major Bardana extract is used in skin treatments thanks to its purifying, detoxifying, anti -Moeborric and antiseptic properties. It is able to normalize skin secretions with regulatory effects ensuring durable results over time.

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