Glycolic extract of red currant

Scientific name: Ribes Rubrum Fruit Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract


Tales from nature

The Ribes is a plant originally from the regions of Central and Eastern Europe. It grows preferably in humid environments, such as woods of hilly or mountainous areas.

Among the numerous subspecies belonging to the Ribes family, the red currant, in addition to being particularly attractive for its color, is also rich in properties and benefits that contribute to the correct functioning of our body, the immune system, the metabolism and the nervous system . It also has the property of stimulating collagen production and is therefore an excellent ally to keep the skin, bones and teeth healthy.


In the cosmetic field, the glycolic red currant extract has tonic properties for the skin, contrasts the effects of free radicals, reduces cellular aging by keeping us young people longer.

In particular, thanks to the presence of vitamin C, it stimulates the formation of collagen, substance capable of giving tone to the skin. Delicious fragrances are also extracted from the red currant capable of enriching Bagnoschiuma and skincare products.

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