Coconut oil

Scientific name: Coco Nucifera Oil
Classification: Vegetable oil

Moisturizing, protective.

Tales from nature

Coconut oil is a vegetable fat obtained starting from the seed of the walnut palm. One of the countries with the greatest production of coconut oil is Sri Lanka. In the area of ​​Southeast Asia it appears that there is a close link between coconut palm cups and health benefits. Much used in cosmetics, especially in creams and ointments, it exerts a soothing and emollient function, making dry and dehydrated skin soft and elastic.


Coconut oil has numerous beneficial properties on the skin: hydrate, softens skin and cuticles, counteracts the negative effects of ultraviolet rays that damage collagen and are the cause of formation of wrinkles.

It exercises an anti-aging function for the face and skin of the body. Also on the hair it brings benefits, as a treatment for the tips, reducing its breakage and making the hair more elastic.

Principi attivi

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