Goji extract

Scientific name: Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Antioxidant, repairer.

Tales from nature

From the plant of the Lycium Barbarum, a shrub belonging to the Solanaceae family, the berries of Goji derive, small red fruits that boast countless phytotherapy and nutraceutical properties, for thousands of years considered a key element of traditional Chinese medicine.

They are very popular fruits throughout Asia. They are also known as the fruits of youth, as numerous healing and preventive properties are attributed, including a powerful antioxidant action and anti -aging of skin and hair.


Goji is a particularly important fruit for hair beauty. In fact, it is rich in carotenoids (precursors of vitamin A) who carry out an antioxidant action in counteracting the aging of tissues and promoting its growth and repair.

Principi attivi

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