Iris essence

Scientific name: Iris Florentina Root Extract
Classification: Essential oil

Polishing, revitalizing, refreshing.

Tales from nature

Iris' essential oil is the most valuable in the world. To produce a liter, 500 kg of fresh rhizome are needed. The value of the raw material and the relative processing and drying which involves a period of about three years, is equivalent to 15,000 euros per kg.

This essential oil is obtained from the rhizome of the Iris (therefore not from the flower), the part of the stem that grows under the ground, from which the roots start. The first processing phase begins in summer, with the collection of rhizomes.

After drying there is the distillation phase from which a compound is obtained which, due to the very dense consistency, is called Iris butter. From this derives its essential oil.


Leave the hair straight, shiny and soft. Its thin and delicate fragrance refreshes the scalp and purifies it in depth.

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