Linden extract

Scientific name: Tilia Cordata Flower Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract


Tales from nature

The linden is a majestic and long -lived tree, belonging to the Tilia genus, originally from the boreal hemisphere. The Latin name "Pliton" means wing, with characteristic winged leaves that transport the fruits of the plant collected into small bunches.

The linden extract, which is obtained from the flowers and helps to counteract the damage on bright and ruined hair, creating a coating around the cuticles, softening them and preserving its elasticity, limiting the loss of water.


The linden in the cosmetic field is used in the preparation of emulsions, after -school products and treatments for delicate, sensitive, dry, arid and tending to arrassing or irritated by the sun, wind and salt. It is also indicated in the formulation of shampoo, shower gel and cleansers for intimate hygiene.

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