Polynesian Monoi oil

Scientific name: Polynesian Monoi Oil
Classification: Vegetable oil

Emollient, renovating, nutritious.

Tales from nature

Polynesian Monoi is a precious oily extract of the local tradition obtained from the maceration of fresh tiaré flowers in coconut oil. Monoi oil is regularly used by the Polynesian population for body and hair care to protect, soften and hydrate the skin, nourish and polish the hair.

Monoi oil is totally devoid of toxic substances and is the most used plant in the traditional Polynesian pharmacopoeia, both as a beauty product and for its significant medicious powers.

Monoi was also used by Maori navigators during maritime shipments, such as protection from cold, strong winds and the salt of the sea.


Monoi oil -based products, from the intense paradisiacal and exotic fragrance, can be applied to the hair to protect them during sun exposure and chlorine and salt.

As a nourishing and restructuring compress before shampoo, to make them bright, silky and easy to comb. On the skin it exerts a strong emollient power, capable of softening the chapped and wrinkled skin, tanning it and making it younger and relaxed.

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