Propolis extract

Scientific name: Propolis Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Emollient, purifying, antioxidant.



Tales from nature

Propolis is a material product similar to the resin that the bees produce by processing with enzymes and salivary secretions the gelatinous resins present on the gems and trunks of some plants such as poplars and conifers.

Propolis is mainly composed of resins and balms (50%), wax (25%), essential oils (10%), pollen (5%), organic and mineral material (5%). A curiosity: it can be collected by bees only on sunny and sufficiently hot days, so that the pieces of resin stand out more easily from the branches of the trees, becoming more malleable.

The bees, then use this gelatinous substance to close the cracks of their hive and is mixed with wax.

It has multiple properties: anti -inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and immunomodulatory.


In cosmetic formulas, propolis helps to balance the microbiota of the scalp.

It is also appreciated for its emollient, purifying, antioxidant and balancing properties, especially within moisturizing and soothing creams, or cocoa butter.


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