Malva extract

Scientific name: Malva Sylvestris Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Emollient, calming and soothing.


Tales from nature

Malva is a plant of the Malvaceae family, the same as which also belongs to cotton. Both the leaves and the roots and flowers of Malva Sylvestris are edible and have a long tradition in the medicinal sector. It was born in the southern regions of Europe and Asia.

The properties of the mallow are attributed to the plant itself and its extracts are able to carry out protective actions against the mucous membranes with anti-inflammatory, soothing, fabric and protective benefits of the mucous membranes.


The mauve in the cosmetic formulas of coloring treatments and in solar products carries out a calming and soothing action, helping to prevent skin awareness phenomena. It has emollient and flaming properties on the skin, especially in case of dry and sensitive skin.

It is a delicate and kind emollient that gives elasticity to the skin is naturally sensitive and sensitized by external factors.

The mallow is also present in anti-aging products and those for dry skin or after sun.

Principi attivi

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