Caviar oil: luxury and effectiveness in a single cosmetic ingredient

Caviar oil

Luxury and effectiveness in a single cosmetic ingredient

In this new article of our #Beautyblog we will discover a truly rare and exclusive ingredient: caviar oil, with numerous anti -age and smooth effects.

First of all, it is good to explain What is caviar, for those who are not familiar with this universal symbol of luxury and refinement: the basis for this prepared are the sturgeon eggs, a freshwater fish, and its main use is in high cuisine or experimental cocktail.

Caviar oil It is in turn derived from the processing of sturgeon eggs and in recent times it is becoming An increasingly wanted cosmetic ingredient, let's find out why.

Sturione Sturgeon

Максим яmitti, cc by-sa 4.0 , via wikimedia commons

Properties and effects

Caviar oil brings with it a huge amount of beneficial components such as Vitamins, proteins, amino acids and lipids. The amino acids in particular facilitate its absorption, allowing a deep action on skin and hair.

What makes caviar oil so precious and effective is the high presence of Omega 3 fatty acids, well known in the cosmetic world for their incredible antioxidant and regenerating action for cells.

 All these properties make caviar oil a highly refined and performing active ingredient especially for the Anti -Age products, who have the goal of Preserve the beauty and longevity of skin and hair.

Anti -age action on the hair

But what does it mean anti -age when it comes to hair?
Compared to the skin, hair has a much shorter life cycle of life and constant growth, this means that The theme of hair aging does not relate to both the personal age and to the length of the same and above all to the treatments they have undergone over time.

The frequent and unprotected use of plates, colors and bleaching or other aggressive styling interventions causes a deterioration of the capillary fiber and therefore an early deterioration of the hair.

Caviar oil comes to the rescue in this case too: thanks to his strong smoothing and destigning properties It is in fact able to realize the scales of the hair, thus allowing us to obtain an incredibly smooth hair even without making use of invasive and potentially harmful practices.

Use in MTJ products

MTJ Superior Therapy has recently introduced two new ones to its catalog Caviale oil -based hair products: Caviar Shampoo And Caviar Conditioner.

Caviar Conditionerin particular it is a revolutionary product, being a spray balm for hair: an innovative and extremely practical disbursement system, which allows quick and easy application From the head to the lengths.
Here caviar oil is combined with mango butter and shea butter, For a nourishing, smooth and illuminating action even stronger and performing from the first applications.  

Try it immediately and discover the effectiveness of caviar oil on the hair

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